Apr 27

Is your Print a Puzzle? Would you Like More Time & Money?

Is Your Print a Puzzle? Would you like to save time & money?

How does your print look? Where do you place it? Is it with about 5 different suppliers…? …if so there are huge improvements you could be making by switching to a print management company such as Blue Star Print Solutions.

Apr 18

Passing a Job on Press

Passing a job on press

Or Press Passing as it’s known. It’s the method of checking a job while it’s being printed. We do this to ensure tight control to the job in hand – usually only done for large runs or brand specific/complicated pieces, … Continue reading

Apr 13

What your Mum never told you about Proofing & Printing

So you’ve placed your job with a printer, you’ve given them your file and you’re ready for the next step – you’ll most likely want to get a proof sorted for your artwork – so you are sure what you’re … Continue reading