The 5 E’s of Loving Your Customers

Looking at ways you can love your customers is a perfect time to re-assess your customer lifecycle and making sure you have a planned set of ways to show them you love having them as part of your business.

Let’s take a look at ways you can show your customers you care.

Firstly, lets re-iterate, showing your customers you care isn’t just about sending a Valentine card once a year. It’s an ongoing journey that you should have mapped out. Much like a marketing or social media plan – it’s about Engagement, Education, Entertainment & a relationship that’s Expending & Enduring. Let’s call it the 5 E’s of love.

Engagement – this can be through any channel available (social media/email/printed newsletter) your aim here is to start to build your relationship with your customer, strengthen and let them know you’re there as a trusted advisor.

Education – most communication these days should be focused around educating your customer. People don’t like to feel ‘sold to’ but will feel more at ease if you’re providing information that they can use to build their own business or grow as a person. Again this can be through email series or a printed newsletter.

Entertainment – we all need to have a laugh sometimes, and the most important thing entertainment brings to the table is a personality, showing your customers you’re a real person. Allow them to laugh with you (or at you at times) and your relationship grows.

Expending – give, give, give! The law of reciprocity is important in all aspects of life, none more than business. Stephen Covey talks about this as your ‘emotional bank account’ in that you have to make deposits before you can withdraw. Expending your wisdom, experience or time to aid your customers will always have a natural reciprocity if done correctly.

Enduring – after taking all the above steps (and repeating through your customers life-cycle) you’ll be building an enduring relationship. You’ll become the go to person for your area of business. More over, if your customer finds someone experiencing the same problems they had (provided you’ve satisfied their problems) they’ll not hesitate to point them in your direction.

February is the month of love, so why not crack open that notebook and see if you can come up with some new ways of loving your customers.. remember it’s so much harder & much more expensive to get new customers, look after the ones you’ve got, show them you care.

If you need a hand or would like to talk through planning a printed newsletter to build love & loyalty, get in touch with me on 01933 698 123 or email me [email protected].

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