What do we actually do? A look at print management – Part 2

Last week we had a little insight into the first part of a job and what we do as a northamptonshire print management company and how we do it. This week we’re going to take a look at the process from Print to Delivery.

One thing we didn’t mention is that all the way through the first part of the process, we’ve been recording everything into our Management Information System. This helps us track and record everything, not only for future use, but for correct progress of the jobs and all the individual specifications for every job you ask us to produce – this still happens through the next part as well – making sure we know everything about your job at each stage.

So, going back to the job. We’ve checked the file – everything’s fine and we’re ready to press the go button. There’s a vast amount of different processes here that your job could go through, dependant on the specs and sizes. But as you learned last week, we’ve already processed the specification so we’ve nailed down the printing press your job will be run on and any finishing that will be needed.


If your job is to be printed Lithographically, then the next stage is to produce plates for the print – each plate represents a separate colour for your job and these are kept ready for the scheduled run on press. Paper has been ordered already (before proofing) so we’re just awaiting our slot.

If your job is to be produced digitally – the benefit here is that there are no plates to produce. Information is sent electronically to the press at our scheduled time (cutting down cost and time).


Now we’re into post press / finishing of your job. If you’ve opted for a finish that requires another supplier to be involved – we’ll have already planned this into the schedule and organised the logistics for you. Your job will either pass through the finishing equipment at the original printer – or be transported and finished elsewhere (here though, part of our job is to cut down any unnecessary transport costs, so we’ll have chosen the most effective print/finishing route).


This is all dependant on the requirements of you, the customer. If your requirement is for mailing – we’ll have this released to the respective carrier. If you need delivery to multiple locations, we’ll have pre-sorted this in despatch and have this ready for delivery to the spec you’ve requested.

Now, most people would think the job has finished and everything is over. not in our case. We have finished copies of your job sent over to us so we can check the quality of printing (material/colour/registration etc) and the finishing. This is an integral part for us, we not only can double check everything is ok for our customers. But we can monitor the quality of our suppliers as well.

Any issues along the way are recorded as a non conformance so we can keep a log of multiple issues or problems.

So when we say you can think of us as part of your team, we really do mean it. We’re here to look after your best interests when it comes to print. If there’s anything you need when planning your next project, just call us up and we’ll talk through it with you.

I hope that gives you an insight into the way we work and how our day to day print

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