Case Study – Solicitor’s Print Management

Providing Print for Solicitors

An interesting new client recently joined us, a solicitor firm. Whilst some people may think there is little to be excited about, we relish looking after the legal sector.

As many of you will know, we have a great relationship with a very talented design studio (Lime Design Studio) who has been assisting the firm with their rebranding; updating the look and feel of the firm to a more modern perspective whilst maintaining their traditional values.

Our new client were already working with a print management company and had decided to locate a new supplier due to climbing costs over the last few years. Solicitors generally require good quality paper, however there is a difference between good quality and paper that is as thick as cardboard! If you are used to buying paper you will know that the heavier the paper the more expensive the item becomes. All very good timing as the company has recently updated their branding!

The previous print company managed everything for the firm, including choosing the paper. I wouldn’t for a minute suggest utilising paper so thin you can see through it, but it is possible to have a quality paper without it costing an absolute fortune! When you leave the decision about paper weights to a printer, you may find yourself paying more than you would like (Printers have certain paper merchants to supply them, whereas we have the choice of many)

Like every legal eagle, the firm regularly order large quantities of letterheads, envelopes, forms, business cards etc. We have saved at least 20% off the firms print bill without compromising on quality!

During the course of the quotation and approval stages their print requirement had become urgent. Working hard with our design agency friends, we produced 7 different types of letterheads with a total print run of 13,000 delivered to their office within 3 working days! We could hear the sighs of relief from our offices!

As we grow into this new relationship we can envisage further savings, again, either matching or exceeding the quality they rely upon. The next step will be to offer this new client a Managed Print Service. What does that mean? Solicitor document designs don’t change very often. In print the larger the quantities you order the more cost effective each unit becomes. With Print management you can work out your annual averages for each printed item and order for the year. Now this doesn’t mean you end up with boxes and boxes of printed materials and nowhere to store them! It simply means you benefit from the lower cost and ‘call off’ items as you need them. So as each department or office runs low on stock they can simply login to their own marketing portal, order the quantity they require and an email will go off to the person in charge of this budget for their approval before we release the stocked print for delivery

Using the online portal means we are able to completely adhere to the brand guidelines as every field in the printed materials is locked down so no accidental changes are made to the integral parts of a document, the only areas that can be changed are the specifics for that item, for example, on a business card the name, email and telephone fields can be changed, the logo, strapline and web address can’t.

When was the last time you reviewed your print provider? Are you sure you are getting the most cost effective print service? We offer a complimentary print audit – if it is time to review your Print Management Company you know who to call: Blue Star Print Solutions, we focus closely on cost but without compromising quality.

Call us now on 01933 698 123 for a review of your print procurement process.

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