Jan 24

Presentation Folders & How They Help Your Image

Solicitor's Presentation Folders

Often overlooked in business, presentation folders give a professional and polished appearance and uphold your brand identity. Imagine you’re at a pitch with a few other businesses and they all appear with stapled documents to hand out to the clients, … Continue reading

Oct 11

Colour Bars, Registration & Trim – What do they mean?

Registration, Colour Bars & Trim Marks

If you’ve ever seen an imposed sheet or a file ready for printing – you will have noticed a few marks in the white space around it. These marks are generally used on the larger sheet that we print on … Continue reading

Oct 31

Digital Emboss

Digital Embossing

Digital Embossing Digital Embossing is the new sensation. This fantastic innovation makes print positively three dimensional. From today ‘ordinary printing will simply leave you feeling rather flat. Digital Embossing will make your message infinitely more compelling. It will make your … Continue reading