Eneco Direct Mail Campaign – We Couldn’t Make the Turn!

I was lucky enough to catch the CE of the IPIA’s seminar on Direct Mail the other week entitled ‘Catnip & Christmas cards’. It was all about the importance & relevance of Direct Mail in todays marketing mix. There were a few case studies shown and I thought i’d share them with you over the coming weeks.

The first is a campaign by Eneco

Eneco are a Dutch energy provider focused on sustainable energy. Their campaign was launched to bring sustainability to the forefront of potential customers and to extend their market share in B2B Рhow did they do this? Well of course, they tried to deliver a windmill.

Dutch agency FHV BBDO were behind the campaign & working with designer Paul Hensen you can see the campaign brought to life in his video below:

This video shows perfectly the mix of media needed nowadays to generate real return. The campaign was simple, mail a fake ‘delivery failed’ card to customers – personalised to make it look as though the driver had filled it out right there on their doorstep. Point the customer to a specific url which had a personalised code to type in and at that point – the customer would see the driver trying in vein to back the HUGE lorry down their actual street, with thanks to Google Street View (another small personalisation trick).

The next day the phones rang off the hook with various messages, some concerned that they’re having a windmill delivered, some that wondered what was going on. But Eneco knew that once the customers were on the phone – they could talk to them about their energy needs and how they can help. The campaign was also a success converting ¬†prospects into customers and increasing their market share.

So next time you’re thinking about your direct mail campaign – why not think a little more out the box and really stand out from what your competition are doing..


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