Getting a Better Printed Brochure…

The right brochure in the right hands can work work wonders with your sales! I constantly hear or see the word cheap when people are talking about print, especially when it comes to brochure printing… is this you?

You see, when creating brochures, the best question you could ask is not – “how can I reduce the cost”, it should be “how can I improve the return?” It’s all about a change of mindset – if you’re thinking along these lines then you can only improve the result. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Create a plan of what you’re looking for. The purpose of your printed brochure.
  • Work with a printer or print management company like us – to make sure you’re taking advantage of any hints or tips they have for you about production. You could save some money here – or find that extra pages won’t cost anything extra. This will be the stage you get an idea of size & pagination as well. Don’t be tempted to print your work out on a desktop printer – this is a sure-fire way to repel business not win it!
  • Work with a designer to help improve the look and feel of your ideas. Unlike most people you know the need for good quality design when you’re trying to win new work! Designers will help you with typography, layout, Proximity, Alignment, White Space & Balance.
  • Choose a paper stock that enhances your company and product or service
  • Don’t forget your target market – make sure you’re addressing their pain, showing you’re different and offering the solution
  • Set long text out in an interesting format – catchy titles, subheadings, bullet points. Skim readers will then find it easier to consume. Make sure your copy is GREAT!
  • Don’t forget your CTA (Call To Action) if there’s something you want your reader to do – don’t leave it to chance.
  • Urgency – why should they act now? Don’t let them put your brochure down – make them take action while they have your brochure in their hand.
  • Don’t forget social proof! If you’re selling a product or service, include testimonials from current satisfied customers. If possible use a picture of them also.
  • THE BIGGEST.. and I’ve seen this done… don’t forget to include contact information on who you are and how you can be contacted!

Take a look at our page on Brochure¬†printing¬†for a variety of finishes and processes for your printed brochures & if you need any help at all – we’re only a phone call away (01933 698 123).


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