Good Enough for Google… Direct Mail for the Small Business

When we mention Google, your first thought most likely goes to internet searching, or Google adwords… what you won’t think to put in the same sentence is Google & Direct Mail. However the internet giant has been using this effective form of communication with it’s customers for years… why is this? Because it works!

You’re not going to continue with something that doesn’t bring in results are you? I mean as a savvy marketing bod, you’re testing everything you’re using… aren’t you? Google have, and it’s shown them that directing focus offline and showing customers they know about their business through personalisation brings them in a better return, so they rinse & repeat.

Lets take the biggest direct mail piece that comes through our doors from Google, the £50 Google Adwords voucher. Easily the best use of vouchers for up-selling. You see, Google knows it’s lifetime value of a client and through Google Adwords a customer will only have to try it to see how well it works for their business (provided they’re set up correctly). This is a no nonsense offer for customers to try out their online marketing and see how ads work for them, but once you’re on board, google will help you get the most from your account.

This isn’t the only piece of Direct Mail Google sends either, letters & leaflets informing you of other services that may be of interest, postcards for your business places… a find us on Google sticker for your window. All done to strengthen their brand in their customers eyes.

“How can I use this in my business and isn’t Direct Mail far too costly?”
Well to start with, how can you use this in your business.. do you send out large quotes or tender documents to your clients? Have you thought about stopping the electronic version of these and sending out a hard copy? or both? Use the direct mail piece to send them a brochure that includes testimonials or pictures of clients using your product or service, strengthen your position as the expert rather than your competition.

Remember, Direct Mail can take the form of many useful items in business:

  • Reminder postcards for servicing or maintenance items
  • Printed newsletters
  • A product update or launch of a new product or service
  • Sales letters to prospects
  • New business news or changes
  • Quotes/estimates or invoices
  • Company brochure or catalogue

Whatever item you mail out, make sure you’re using it to it’s fullest. Don’t just think your quotes or estimates need only that information on, why not add some up-sell products or testimonial quotes on?

2nd Question – “Isn’t Direct Mail too costly?”
The short answer is no, Direct Mail isn’t expensive to start.. BUT, you have to plan for a campaign and not a one-off! This is where people forget the investment and give up. Plan for at least 6 or 7 mailings before you’ll see some response from cold prospects. You need to have a campaign planned and ready, most of all, don’t give up. Direct Mail done correctly can produce great results. But always ask for advice if you’re unsure.

We don’t like to see our customers waste their money, if something’s not going to work, we’ll tell you. But we’re also there for a chat too. If you’re not using Direct Mail and would like to see how, get in touch now. If you’d like to learn a little more, why not download our free eBook on Direct Mail, what it is & how it can help you.

Hope you enjoyed the post, please comment below on your Direct Mail success or experiences.


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