How to Grow Your Business with Print

How To Grow Your Business With Print

Using print to grow your business may seem like a fairy tail, but actually – it’s far from fictional.

You see, unless buying print is the core of your business, then really, to drive growth, you should be outsourcing this and all other non core activities.

Using professionals that are an expert in their field, means that you’re benefiting from that experience for your business, but without having the cost of that person on the payroll. That experience can be in accounting, payroll, design, sales, marketing or print. Utilising experts means, not only, that they know exactly what they’re doing, but in the time saved by them processing your requirements. For instance, it may take you three hours or more to do your book-keeping for a week, whereas it may take a professional book-keeper half an hour. Already that’s 2.5hr saving of your time which can be spent in ‘Income Generating Activities’.

The Book-Keeper/Graphic Designer/Print Buyer may also uncover or show you things which you wouldn’t have picked up on.. in the Book-keeper’s case maybe further tax savings or ways to control your books a little better. This is the same in each area of business, utilising professionals in their own expert field to drive growth into your business.

In print, it’s the same – using the experience of print professionals who’ve been producing & purchasing print for years (with real ‘hands-on’ experience), means that any problems, savings or improvements can be made at the start of the job before anything is spent. It also means improvements can be made to the whole procurement process of print. Take for example our Web2Print system – we have an online portal for our customers – which means that once we’ve completed a Print Economy audit (which highlights all printed items, makes sure they’re all being produced to the best quality & cost), designated members of the company can sign in and order business critical or marketing print – that has been pre approved and controlled – no-one can stray off-brand and order anything that hasn’t been approved! Our customers can even control if the orders need someones approval. It also gives full reporting on print purchasing. Even more help on the way to grow your business with print.

If you’d like to learn a little more about how your print can be improved with the help of print professionals call Blue Star Print Solutions on 01933 698 123 or email [email protected]

If you currently partner with a Print Management company we’d love to hear your comments below – how do you find the process and what’s the benefit to your business or role?

Next week, and now you’re buying your print correctly, we’ll go on to talk about how you can grow your business with print itself.

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