I’m sure the fireman would love it in the pink castle!

Famous Grouse Personalisation

Famous Grouse used personalisation on their gift bottles

Tuesday 7th October is Techies Day – so to celebrate, we’re going to talk about the technology that’s being integrated within print media, especially the Web-to-Print market.

Let’s take a look at Moonpig for example, this business is set purely to supply customers with personalised greetings cards (and now a fair amount more!). You go online, choose your card template, add some text and a photograph & send to print. The Website is linked to a digital print workflow that takes your file and plans it onto a single sheet that will run through a digital printer, your card is then trimmed to size, creased, folded & supplied to you with an envelope.

The use of this kind of technology within your marketing is powerful stuff! Imagine combining your CRM with the ability to send personalised cards, postcards or letters out to your customers. You can setup Birthday cards to go out on everyone’s birthday, you could send a thank you note on a purchase of your product or link sales letters to recent quote contacts.

Personalisation is an area within print that’s grown rapidly over the past few years and if used correctly within your company can offer great channels to market and increased responses to your marketing. Let’s take a Postcard for example – you receive a generic postcard through the door from a Toy Shop, your baby boy has not long had a new fire engine from the shop and your postcard is offering you a saving on a princess castle! Straight in the bin…

Imagine now if the postcard had started with your name and said “Thanks for getting {insert sons name}’s new Fire Engine, we just wanted to let you know that the new home for his Fire Engine has a great saving for this week only” suddenly, you’re thinking wow, a company that knows me and my purchasing, it’s relevant to you and your situation and you’re now contemplating getting the new Fire Station.

The power of personalisation is immense and don’t think you have to go this far for it. Keep it in mind for even the small jobs you’re doing. If your customers feel loved, your relationship with them will be greater.

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