Innovation in Print as ad comes to life for Moto

Innovation in print is the key differentiation between many companies. Who say’s there’s a lack of it at the moment…

A print advert in the Jan issue of Wired will offer more interactivity than most online ads. As the video below shows, the full-page execution includes buttons that you can push to change the color of the pictured Moto X. The ad uses paper-thin components including a battery, LEDs and a keyboard-like button membrane to achieve that feat, according to a Motorola rep. Digitas created the ad, which was designed to underscore the handset’s customisability.

About a quarter of Wired’s readers —153,490 — will see the ad, which is being distributed in the New York and Chicago metro areas on Thursday. Moto decided to focus its media buy on those two cities to support extensive ad campaigns in those markets, a rep says.

Print hasn’t been subject to a great deal of experimentation in recent years, but there have been some notable attempts in recent years to apply new technology to the medium. Last year, Lexus ran a print ad in which a car appeared to turn on its headlights and move when you put an iPad behind the page that was running a certain video. Around the same time, Entertainment Weekly ran a print ad that featured an actual working cellphone to rig up a working Twitter feed inside an ad for the CW’s TV network.

Innovation in print is about finding something specific about your product, service or business and exploiting it in new or underused methods.

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