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As mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I caught the IPIA’s Catnip & Christmas cards seminar and this is┬áthe second case study on direct mail used.

Kingdom of Sports (a German gym company) wanted to grow aggressively in January of 2014. They saw a huge opportunity in the marketplace, as at that time a study revealed 58% of Germans were overweight. But like most people, the idea of signing up to the gym was not high on their list.

So, what would you say if an offer came through your door & all you had to do was rip it up to get free gym membership for a year?!. Of course, us direct mail people are cleverer than that, we’re not just going to let you tear it up.. I mean there’d be hundreds of people with free years memberships running round and not much growth for the business. But, if you couldn’t tear the letter (and you couldn’t) you’d be given a months membership free.

You see, the letter was printed on a special polyester mix paper. One that is impossible to rip or tear. As you’ll see from the video below, there’s some pretty big guys trying to tear this one in two.. you’d think it was a Yellow Pages!

So what were the results?
There was an immediate uplift of 23% in new members compared to the same time the previous year.

So next time you’re thinking of putting together a direct mail piece remember, stand out from the crowd, offer something or set a challenge, be specific, make sure you can measure it, but most of all, be targeted.

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