Would you like all the benefits of online print, without the hassle?

Online print has made such a surge on the print market over the last 10 years, whilst there are real benefits to using such a system, they can come with huge disadvantages and downfalls.

Some of the downsides of online print are:
• Having to stick to only certain stocks
• Running only certain quantities
• No flexibility in sizes or finishing formats

But, what if you could have all the benefits of online print without any of the downfalls? What would that mean to your business?

Our system creates individual marketing portals for our clients. These are typically populated with all their business critical or marketing print. But it also has the ability to hold anything that can be stored or produced (promotional items, uniforms etc).

This would allow your staff to log in to the portal, request what they need printing, proof it and order (if it needs approval first, it’s held until approved). Everything on the artwork side is locked down, your staff can’t change colours or logos or upload pictures that aren’t allowed, so you can see the benefit for a business is huge. Especially if you’re operating a franchise model or a multi-site business.

Being able to control your print spend and more importantly your brand, is of key importance to businesses. If you’re operating from different sites, and each site is responsible for their own stationery or marketing print…
• Do you know how much they’re spending?
• Do you know what they’re getting printed?
• How do you know they have the best interests of the business at heart when they order?

Utilising our Print Economy Audit, will show us everything you have printed and produced. It will also give us the big picture.

To read more about our print audit – click here

We use the Print Audit as the base for setting up the system – we’ll input everything from there that you need and you’ll have:
• Clear, agreed & structured pricing
• Individual categories of your print
• Ability to amend existing artwork
• Call off items of stock we hold
• Clear & definite timescales
• 24 hour Access

If you’d like to know more about how our system can help your business and how Blue Star Print Solutions can lo

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