National Stationery Week

Not to be confused with National Stationary Week – where everything stands still.. Here it is! 24th – 30th April – National Stationery Week.

Celebrating everything that is physical stationery. Whether that’s pens, paper or notebooks – if you don’t use yours.. nows the time to get them out of the cupboard.

So what else can you do?

  • Geek out and take a photo of your favourite stationery item and tweet it or post it to Facebook / Instagram.
  • Or use social media to tell everyone about your favourite stationery product or pen, your favourite stationery brands and your favourite stationery retailer.
  • Upload a picture to Twitter with any of the following hashtags #natstatweek #keepwriting #getbritainwriting #keepkidswriting #writingmatters #writeit #lovestationery or #stationeryaddict and upload onto Facebook (The picture simply needs to be something #natstatweek related which reminds you of the written word, stationery, pens and pencils. There are some great stationery prizes to be won in the build up to National Stationery Week.)
  • Write a letter or card to a relative or friend.
  • Go on a stationery crawl. It’s the same as a pub crawl only without the beer, and it’s for stationery stores instead of pubs! If you live or work in London, or are planning to visit, click here for details of the London Stationery Trail.
  • Treat yourself to a new pen or notebook – or even both! – during National Stationery Week. You can never have too much stationery, and it makes you feel good!
  • Tell children why writing by hand is important and encourage them to write letters and cards to relatives and friends – especially thank you letters!
  • If you are a teacher, focus on the importance of handwriting – and especially good handwriting to your pupils and have some fun handwriting-themed activities in class during the week.

Of course, you could always celebrate Stationery Week by calling up your local printer (or print management company) and ordering your new stationery for the next few months. But then we would say that wouldn’t we!

To your print freedom!


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