October 9th – Post Day

Today is Post Day. Used to promote and increase awareness of using the Postal System. So how many of you actually use Direct Mail in their business as a marketing pillar?Post Day - 9th October

Direct Mail is on the rise currently and with good reason. Door Drops are up from 2012 by 3.5% which is great news, showing that companies are spending more on promoting and marketing their businesses. Do you remember a while ago we posted on  a single company managing a whopping 32% response rate from one campaign they ran? Click here to read again.

Using Direct Mail in business is growing, simply because it’s a tried and tested media to get to your customers. If you’re not using Direct Mail, you’re simply missing out. Used correctly and as part of a cross media campaign – you could be hitting your customers desks in many different ways.

Lets face it – we all love post and so long as you’re providing relevant and valuable content for your customers, there’s no reason why your DM piece should end up in the bin.

We’ve written some short guides on a few things – which you can find here. But one I’ll direct you straight to is our Direct Mail guide. If you’re thinking of implementing Direct Mail into your business, take a look.

I’d love to hear from you if you have started Direct Mail and how you’ve found it – or if you’re simply not sure where or how to start.


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