Personal not Personalised – How you can improve your mailing

You’re using Direct Mail right? But are you using it to maximise your return? Many people ask what the best way to reduce their direct mail costs, when in fact the question should be, “how do I increase the return on my Direct Mail?”. That small change can make miles of difference.Lets take a look at digital printing for instance, this method of printing has released huge scope for personal direct mail to be sent to your customers (you could vary each kind that’s printed!). So in theory if you’re collecting the buying habits of your customers, your offers or message could be tailored around those habits, targeting them for their interests only! Moving further along this line, you could use this method to up-sell related items to them.

But lets quickly look at Personal vs Personalisation.

  • Personal means integrating data you have about your customer (buying habit, interests etc)
  • Personalised simply means you’ve added their name to the top!

Do you see the difference? Personalised just means you’ve printed a whole heap of mail (letters or leaflets) and sent them to everyone you have on your list! Personal makes the customer think you’ve taken your time to really think about what’s important to them. A highly targeted piece of advertising that a lot of businesses aren’t taking advantage of.

Next time you’re thinking of producing that sales letter, or postcard out to customers, why not take a little extra time and really target those items? The extra use of your time will reap rewards for you later on down the line.

Let me know below if you’ve used this method of direct mail and how you’ve found it.


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