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Toothpaste Tales – the myth of the printed box of colour

Toothpaste Tales - the myth

Toothpaste Tales

A few days ago I saw a post on Facebook about Toothpaste, we use this everyday and people are now being urged to check the small patch of colour on the base of the tube to tell what it contains!

Complete twoddle. The actual use for the little printed box of colour on the tube is¬†to do with the finishing process involved in making the tube up. The box is actually to detect where the machine needs to seal the tube, called an ‘eye mark’. This is picked up by a sensor to mark the end of each tube for crimping & cutting.

You can rest easy that you won’t have pure medicine or chemicals in your toothpaste (well not ones you can’t read on the ingredients section¬†anyway). Which is why if you really want to know what is in your toothpaste – don’t be put off by wild hoaxes or internet rumours, just read the ingredients.

Social media is great, but it does manage to pass around some wild stories! But then again this great mis-information about print does give us something good to write about.

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