Print Brings people together

Print Brings People TogetherAs a communication tool, print is often under-valued (possible over-looked) but, it’s all around us… You touch it every day, you catch a glimpse of it, you use it and, in most cases, you rely on it!

The reason people still use this method of communication in business is because it works! Nothing difficult, no busy graphics or statistics (although there are plenty). Just plain simple text PRINT WORKS!

So why the title? Well if you’re in business, print can give you the edge winning new business… Printing a new company brochure or product catalogue can bring you in new leads and new instant customers. Long after you’ve made contact with the customer (sent a sales guy in or talked with them on the phone) your printed literature is still with them – even if you’re just sending over a quote or some information to a customer. If you present your company documents in a printed presentation folder, and the other companies they’ve approached have simply sent over an email – how much more will yours stand out while they’re considering their options?

This is also a good time to talk about quality print, as the above can actually damage your reputation and put people off contacting you if your print is of poor quality (the potential customer will automatically assume that’s how your business is!). Don’t be lured in by cheap prices for print, there is always a reason why it’s cheap and unless you’ve tested the quality and seen some print, don’t leave this to chance, after all it’s your business & name on the line. 

Direct mail is also a great communication tool and we’ve spoke before about how this can help your business (look at Google, a huge name in the digital market-place, but they still use Direct Mail as their biggest advertising tool)

Nescafe wanted to bring people together over coffee for their printed mug campaign ‘Pop-UP Cafe’. They produced a wrap around 6pp cover for the Metro and attached two printed paper mugs into the cover. The readers simply had to remove the folded mugs, add in their own Milk/Sugar & water and share some quality time together.

But direct mail doesn’t have to be complicated, neither does getting in front of potential customers… you could use the same idea on a smaller scale, why not send a list of 10 target customer you’d love to work with a mug with some coffee & biscuits? This way you can target this as your ‘getting the meeting’ campaign.

Anyway, the aim of this article is just to make you think about print in another way.. not as a necessity (that has to be done just because) but as a fun and effective way of getting & keeping in touch with your customers. If you’d like to use print but aren’t sure where to start, you’re always welcome to pop in for a coffee and talk about it with us, we have a wall of samples and ideas that we can take a look through to inspire your next project. Call us now to arrange a quick cuppa 01933 698 123


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