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As the new 5p carrier bag charges come into force (as of the 5th Oct) companies are finding more and more ways to help promote their brand. In this post we’ll be talking about printed promotional bags as a way of promoting your brand when your customers are in need of a bag.

But, lets Imagine the other side of the coin, you’re a business that uses your bags as another pillar in your marketing toolkit. Your bags are seen around the streets, people recognise the brand or become more familiar with it. But now, large companies are having to re engineer their complete stock so their customers can still be brand promoters.

We’ve certainly noticed the rise in companies requesting printed promotional bags so that it will be their logo and brand they see. The basic rule on charging for bags is:

  • It must be a new unused bag, that hasn’t been used for sold goods (taken or delivered)
  • Plastic composition
  • With handles
  • 70micron thick or less (bags for life are ok)

Printed Promotional Bags FAQ

When does this come into force?
Charging begins on the 5th October 2015

Who needs to charge?
If you employ 250 or more staff, you need to start charging and keeping records

What’s the charge?
5p (inc VAT) per carrier bag used

What bags are chargeable?
The majority of single use plastic bags used for the first time only

What if I’m giving away products at a show, do I need to charge for the bag?
No, if your printed promotional bag is used to provide promotional items, then you don’t need to charge.

That last point is quite a key one, as this is why we’ve been producing a few sets of bags for customers. They’ll be giving away a bag each time they take a catalogue or mug out with them (promotional use, which means they don’t have to charge), the customer will keep the bag and hopefully use it for their shopping to avoid the 5p charge in the future.

We’ve been putting through a few orders this week for customers printed tote bags and to make it easier, I thought I’d add them to this post. If you’d like your customers to be carrying around your logo when they’re out shopping, please get in touch with us now.

Printed Promotional Bags - Amphenol Antenna Solutions Printed Cotton Tote Bags

Amphenol Antenna’s Printed Cotton Tote Bags

Our most popular Printed Promotional Bags is the Natural Cotton Tote (pictured on the right)

It’s 42cm x 38cm with long handles
Can be printed in up to 4 spot colours to one or both sides
Minimum qty is 100

Pricing starts from £1.02   ea (thats for 500 single colour bags)
Origination is charged at £30 per colour and delivery is approx £15.

Prices are plus vat.

If you’d like to know more about printed promotional bags or would like to get your order in for some printed bags so your customers are presenting your brand wherever they go, just get in touch with us now on [email protected] or call us on 01933 698 123.


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