So just a quick post today on what the term Registration means in the world of print – loads of funny markings on a sheet .

Registration in its simplest form is the method of correlating overlapping colours on a single image. When printing an image with more than one colour (depending on the method of printing) each colour is placed onto the sheet at separate points. To make sure each of these colours are applied in exactly the right spot we use a method of alignment to keep consistent registration.

If you take a look at a press sheet – you’ll notice various markings on them that won’t necessarily on your artwork.

Print Registration, what is it?

Registration Mark

You may wonder how we’re able to measure alignment from one colour? – Well Registration as well as being a method of checking alignment of colours – is actually what we call the above colour which is actually made up of 100% of each of the colours (CMYK). From this – you’ll see any slight movement between any of the printing plates – like the image in the right – it’s created with slight mis-alignment so you can what we mean.

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