Thank You Cards… Why They’re Important

Thank you cards are a very underused element in business. They provide a quick and simple method to touch your customer and generate sincere reactions. You see in a very digital age – direct mail & physically printed items are making a come-back. They provide a tactile and more personal engagement for your customers or prospects and most of all they don’t sell!People are always being sold to, every where you look there’s an advert, so isn’t it nice, once and a while to simply receive something from a supplier for nothing other than thanks? Of course, we all know that it’s keeping your brand and message at the fore-front of your customers mind, but it doesn’t matter. A bespoke and custom Thank You card will set you miles above your competition, who I can guarantee aren’t doing this.

So with that in mind I saw these great links to help you start planning them if you don’t already have them in place or simply provide inspiration in a very online world:

How to Promote Your Business By Sending a Thank You Card

Hand Written Thank You Notes to Customers

Sending Cards to customers – the Yays & Nays

I hope you find the above helpful and if you’re looking for a little more help with your thank you cards, don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’ve helped many Northants businesses thank their customers and remain at the forefront of their mind for longer.


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