The BIGGEST revelation in print…

it’s not just ink on paper… that certainly got your attention didn’t it?

Well it should. I wanted to talk today about the huge separation that exists these days around print. You’ll notice I use the generic term ‘print’ there, I could say Business Card or Brochure but lets face it – there’s no real difference – it’s all print right? WRONG!

If we’re going to start bringing value back into our printed material and inevitably our businesses we need to realise that the items we’re procuring are not just ink on paper. You’re not just buying the cheapest and quickest piece of paper that you can get your hands on purely because it’s the cheapest… are you?

Think about it the other way round – if money wasn’t an issue and you had to choose the same final result… would you still have the same cheapest item produced – or would you look closely at the quality, at the production method and the way your message (the ink) gets placed onto that fine material you’ve chosen (the paper)…

Let me put it this way, when you have a business card produced – you’re not just creating a bit of card that you think everyone in business needs to have. You’re creating a contact, an avenue of communication, an image for yourself and your business in the absence of your real self – should this really be the cheapest item you can get your hands on – or something that will represent you and your business the way it should be, with quality.

We place that same onus on each item you need printing. Nowadays there are so many various presses out there that can in the simplest sense – lay ink on paper, that the majority of businesses are becoming blinded by price and ignoring quality. Something that, as a lot of people in the print industry will know, has led many companies to have to close its doors.

When you can sit down and positively, hand on heart shout – “I know I’m buying more than just print” – you’ll be unstoppable. You’re not buying a business card – you’re buying communication… You’re not buying letterheads – you’re buying a relationship… You’re not buying a brochure – you’re offering an insight into your company…

I can safely say we’re not just ink on paper, we have a passion for quality

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