Wake Up & Smell the Marketing!

From fragrance burst (or scratch n sniff) to scented varnishes. The option to have your marketing literally smelling of roses is closer than you think.

Crimestoppers using micro encapsulation to catch Cannabis growers

Crimestoppers using micro encapsulation to catch Cannabis growers

Affecting our Emotions by up to 75% more than any other sense, using scented inks or varnishes in your marketing is not to be sniffed at! From Royal Mail, Unilever & Ambi-pur getting in on the action. Scented varnish raises your ROI on a printed item greatly.

Royal Mail used it to allow purchasers of their 100years of Nobel Prizes stamp to inhale the healing aroma of the Eucalyptus plant. However Great Britain wasn’t the first to ‘stamp’ their mark with postage. Switzerland created stamps with an aroma of Chocolate and Hong Kong producing a Green-Tea version.

Unilever used the micro encapsulation method (scratch n sniff) to promote it’s ‘fresh’ fragrence of the Radion washing powder back in 1997. Ambi Pur used the Micro Encapsulation in the marketing of the 3volution range within Ideal Home & Woman and Home magazines.

In the picture above you can see how Crimestoppers used the varnish to make people in London aware of the smell so they can report potential growers.

Obviously if your products are such that the smell of them is important, then this could be the ideal marketing hook you’re looking for. On the VERY long list of scents is Coconut, Honeysuckle & Ginger… whilst the list also includes Diesel, Dog Scent, Sewage, Sweat, Farmyard, Xmas Pudding & Fish.


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