We’ll be Your Print Safety Pin

What the Safety Pin & Print Management Have in Common.

Today is Safety Pin Day.
Invented in 1849 by Walter Hunt to pay off a debt with a friend – the safety pin is there for thousands when something goes wrong or your need some support. I thought this was the perfect analogy to explain Print Management.

The Example:

Two companies have a similar product to launch, both are ready to launch, they just need the marketing collateral and POS equipment to sort and they can get it out there.

Company 1 – doesn’t have a Print Management Company at it’s service.

Company 2 – does! Their safety pin is on the other end of the phone.

While Company 1 is on Google trying to search for “printed shop stand to hold products”, Company 2 have already put in a call and sorted half their list. So what does this mean?

The Result:

In half an hour, Company 2 have finished their requirements/specs and everything is ready to be produced. Company 1 have only just found someone online who they think can produce what they need (It turned out they didn’t, so they needed more google time!).

This situation isn’t abnormal, a lot of companies out there would rather do it all themselves. Usually because there’s little understanding of how much their time is actually worth… But in the time it’s taken Company 1 to search for one item on their list, Company 2 has theirs all wrapped up. This is a huge deal for anyone launching products in a competitive market.

The Outcome:

Company 2 now have the upper hand, not only do they have more time to dedicate to marketing the product and putting together email/social campaigns to support the literature. Their product will be launched before Company 1’s! This aspect alone can make or break an idea or product. In the amazon age, people are expecting speed. You need to be able to respond to fast market changes in a heart-beat. If you can’t do that yourself, get help.. ask someone to support you.

One of the benefits of Print Management is that it gives you a quicker route to market. Some more benefits include releasing all the resource in your business to produce the social or email campaigns you need, or simply to get more work done and make MORE MONEY.

If that sounds too good to be true… try it.

Here’s to your print freedom


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