What the first Tweet and Print Management have in common!

Did you know, on the 21st March back in 2006, the first ever tweet was sent… it was one of the co-founders of Twitter and read….

So, how is Print Management like the first tweet ever?

Well, when Jack was about to post – I’m sure he felt some reservation and hesitance.. it was something completely new.. he’d never done it before.. to him it felt completely alien. However, to get the most out of his idea – he knew he had to proceed.

It’s much like this when you decide to move print suppliers.. it’s hard work, confusing and most of all worrying. We know this inside out – we’ve helped MANY customers to switch over print suppliers.

So what can you do to minimise the stress, worry & confusion?

On average, we find a client uses 7 different suppliers for their print material. Yes strictly fans… SEVEN!

  • Before you start, set out what you want to achieve from switching
  • Set out clear goals & objectives (this makes it measurable)
  • Look at your options, find out what’s out there (in terms of suppliers)
  • Research the items you have produced, find out if they’re being produced correctly and on the right machinery – or ask your prospective ‘new’ supplier. They should be able to tell you instantly if what you’re producing is the best it can be.
  • Don’t be afraid to talk money. But be aware, sometimes – asking “how cheap can I make something” isn’t the right question to ask… have you ever tried asking “How can I increase my ROI on this item?”
  • Make sure you record your items along with pricing and keep them handy (along with the name & details of who is producing them (handy when someone leaves your company and you need to know)
  • Agree timescales, costs, how you’ll provide artwork etc. Clear communication is a must for the print process to work effectively.
  • Think about setting up SLA (Service Level Agreements). These can help both sides understand the working relationship and provide a document to refer back to in the future, if needed.

Lastly, the biggest tip I can offer you on reducing the stress and worry of all of the above too, is by using the services of a Print Management Company. They are there to remove the stress and worry from your print life. In Blue Star Print Solutions we call this Print Freedom. A print management company will usually sit down with you on all the above points and get them all confirmed for you. They’ll hold you hand and make sure the switching of Print Suppliers is more seamless than ever. The biggest benefit, though….

You only have to do the above once.. not 7 times!

Here’s to your Print Freedom


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