Why Use a Pull Up Roller Banner?

There’s a lot of us out there that network in some form or another. When you’re out networking, can you honestly say you manage to speak to everyone in the room? If you do, did you talk about business? We all know that face to face networking is essential for a good relationship and whilst out networking it’s a perfect opportunity to catch up with potential customers/suppliers or peers. And whilst we know that you shouldn’t go into a room trying to sell to everyone, you still have to do business.

Why Do You Need One?
Well what if you were to go networking with just a salesman or wearing a sandwich board, relaying the message of your business to everyone in the room silently? Well that’s exactly what a Pull Up Roller Banner can do for your business. If placed correctly, it’s like the prime advert in a newspaper – near the front, means everyone in the room will be looking at your business & your message.

This is why we produced the title “Does Your Brand Stand Up For Itself?”. Roller Banners are usually placed behind whoever is leading the event you’re at. In which case… So Is Your Business & Message!

So what makes a good Roller Banner? Well there’s a HUGE choice out there and that’s not only the hardware, the print difference in the large format arena is immense. You can have people print roller banners on paper, banner PVC or our personal favourite Stoplight PVC. Really it all depends on where you’ll be using your banner that can determine how effective the material used will be. Lets take a look at the elements of the Roller Banner to see:

The Base (Hardware)
Hundreds of options here, there are plenty of suppliers on the market that will offer similar units, but you want to test how they work. A good unit will feel smooth when pulling up the banner out of the base. The unit as a whole feels sturdy and not like you could break it with one wrong move! The feet should offer relative resistance when opening (so they don’t fall by accident). The top rail (which holds the graphic, comes in a few options. Either a snap rail – where the graphic is held in between two sides of the aluminium rail, or a double sided taped rail – where the graphic is simply attached to the front of the rail with permanent & heavy duty double sided tape.

The Graphic
Again, there’s SO much variation here – it can depend on what material you’re printing on, what machinery it’s being printed with & what inks are being used. All this contributes to the overall look, feel & longevity of your Roller Banner. As a rule, we stick to a Stoplight PVC (meaning it lets only a certain percentage of light show through from the back) around 250micron and we’ll print using UV cured inks, which mean a very tough and hard wearing graphic (no need for lamination).

Keeping On Brand
For our customers that require matching specific Pantone colours, we’ll run a swatch to match to (as it’s large format and full colour print), this is simply a print of a few shades of the colour and we’ll then match it to the Pantone colour to check which one we’ll proceed with.

Why a Roller Banner?
Well that ones simple, Pull Up Roller Banners are simply, effective, highly portable & really light! If you’re often out networking or exhibiting, then the ease of transporting these stands make them the perfect choice, especially as they all come with padded carry bags.

The Options
Well the options nowadays are huge, you can have linkable banners, small banners, tall banners, wide banners, banners with room for TV’s, banners that hold leaflets…. the list is endless. Also, think about where you’ll be displaying your banner as the majority of stands now have the ability to add a light to the top – meaning your message is always clearly seen.

If you’re not using a Pull Up Roller Banner for your business and you’d like to know more about the options open to you, just give me a call, most of the time, our standard Roller Banner will be perfect, but sometimes… you may need something a little different. For our standard banners – click here now.

If you use a Roller Banner for your networking – I’d love to know how it’s working for you, if you have a picture, add it in as well.


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