Why using a print broker improves your business

Why Use a Print Broker?

The question on most peoples lips when being asked about a Print Broker or Print Management company is, why use one instead of going straight to a printer?… so why use a print broker?

Well, here’s a few reasons you’d want to be getting in touch with a Print Broker or Print Management company.

1. They Can Help to Manage Costs.

The first thing people are sceptical about is the cost. How can going through a third party be cheaper than going direct? Well, that one’s simple. Print Management companies buy A LOT of print and on a daily basis. They also have files checked to make sure they’re print ready prior to being sent into production. This adds to quite a saving when you consider the actual printer doesn’t have to have lots of resources (in house and externally with Sales staff) associated with running their account. Leaving more of a saving.

Of course, the Print Management company does add a margin to the cost, but you’ll still be saving money compared to going direct.

2. They Cover ‘WHOLE of Market’.

The second reason you’d use a Print Broker or Print Management company: You have Whole of Market coverage. Just like a mortgage broker, you’re not limited to a specific product that’s sitting on the shelf of the bank. A Mortgage broker, personalises the BEST product to suit Your Needs. This is exactly the same in the print world. You’re not tied to a specific press or finishing equipment. Your job is produced on the right press, with the right colours and finished exactly right. This is a very important point to make. Most cheap online print is produced from templates and on specific papers and usually pass with almost no human interaction (for instance, did you know Vista Print only has around 3 secs of human interaction per job!). You can’t move from these standards (which is how they make it cheap) BUT is that what you want for your business? A product that’s the same as everyone else!

3. Create & Drive Growth

The third reason and this is a BIG one, your resources are saved. Leaving you with more time to focus on your business. Freeing up the constant emails or phone calls to all your print suppliers (usually that’s around 7 suppliers for all your print requirements). It also gives you more time to focus on bringing in more money. You’re not searching for the best or cheapest (which is self defeating). You leave everything in the hands of the Print Management company.

There’s a few more points with things like improved cashflow, improvements in the procurement process and also with brand control, but the big three are above. Print Brokers have a dedicated list of trusted suppliers across every category of print, they’ll know who to use and more importantly who not to use and why. If you’ve not used a Print Broker or Print Management company before, why not see who your closest one is, or give us a call on 01933 698 123 to see how we can help your business today?


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