Your Print Management Fortune Cookie

Did you see GBBO (The Great British Bakeoff) the other week. The guys had been tasked with cooking some fortune cookies.

They had all the ingredients spread out (which included all the equipment) and they set about creating their cookies.

All of them got the basics right and created the dough rolled it out and cut them into circles… but this is the point in which the divide shone through…

How long do they stay in the oven for?”

“How do I make that famous cookie shape?!”

Those that knew, set about straight away by encasing their pre-written fortunes into their baked discs… Those that didn’t, tried all sorts of methods with wildly varying results.

It’s not so different in the print world you know. To buy print:
• Effectively
• With minimal stress
• Fast
• Of high quality
Is still fairly challenging. Knowing what process to use, what press is best, which supplier is good on certain items. It’s all experience and understanding. If you don’t have that resource in your business, how are you supposed to create your fortune cookie (your print).

You could of course muddle through like the guys on GBBO and end up with some very funny looking (and bad tasting) fortune cookies… or you could put your print in the capable hands of a print management company – who will oversee and manage all aspects of your print material.

To your perfect fortune cookies…


Blue Star Print Solutions is a Print Management company specialising in the outsourced management of your business and operational print material. They Advise, Source, Manage, Purchase & Store print material for a range of customers. Access to a bespoke print portal gives customers 24/7 access to marketing or operational materials for amend, call-off or re-order.

To find out more about print management and how it can be of benefit to your business, click here.


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